How does work?

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First of all, thanks for stoping by. I'll tell you what's up with the website 😎. is a website created to facilitate the search and access to information contained in The White House press conferences, it's an efficient tool for staying informed on the latest discussions and decisions

You just need to type your search using words or phrases of the content you want to find and if it has been said in any conference it should appear as a result. By clicking on "Watch" you can go to the video at the exact moment your result was said. uses artificial intelligence to be able to search in the videos of The White House press conferences. It should be noted that this is a neutral tool, without political affiliation or favoritism, designed to help people quickly find the information they need.

You can use the site for free, however, there are paid plans that offer some benefits such as download of transcripts or video statistics. These plans exist because it is expensive to keep the site running, as it is updated daily with the new content of the conferences.

Something also important to consider is that artificial intelligence is used and sometimes there are videos that may have erroneous information, at the end of the day machines are used for the process and there may be errors.

If you find any error in any video, you can report it to me via twitter at @magiobus

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the website.